About Defenders of Due Process for Tariq Ramadan

Defenders of Due Process for Tariq Ramadan (DDPTR) is an international coalition calling for full respect of judicial norms and established procedures. Professor Ramadan is currently imprisoned in France facing rape charges. He must be given a full and equitable trial; there must be no pre-trial rush to judgment.

The legal process — charges, presentation of evidence, trial and verdict —must give Tariq Ramadan the opportunity to present a full defense. DDPTR calls upon the French government to ensure that Professor Ramadan’s fundamental rights are respected. As he is a Swiss citizen, DDPTR also calls on the Swiss government to do its utmost to protect Professor Ramadan commensurate with international standards.

DDPTR calls for Tariq Ramadan to be released pending the start of his trial in order to prepare his defense. Professor Ramadan is innocent until proven guilty; his health has deteriorated dangerously during his imprisonment.

Beyond legal concerns, DDPTR calls for proper public restraint. The media must avoid rumors. Only a fair trial can decide his guilt or innocence.